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  Kathryn Stemwedel
St. Paul, MN | 651.895.3258


From fresco to furnishings, Kathryn has over seven years of experience working in environments from small, residential homes to mansions and businesses. Contact Kathryn to discuss rates and availability.

Frescos, Murals & Commissions

My specialty is portraiture. Commissions for original paintings are welcomed. Commissions for portraits may require the model to sit; photographs are acceptable in some situations. Contact Kathryn to discuss details.

Having worked in restoration since 2000, another area or expertise is creation and reproduction of vintage and antique design. I enjoy working with my clients to find designs in any style of personal taste to suit their homes and businesses. I have a broad knowledge of period color, style and decoration, as well as an intuitive understanding for color and space. All stencil and mural designs are hand cut and drawn, and I am able to reproduce any uncopyrighted design.

Interior Decoration

In addition to creating beautiful designs for my client's ceilings and walls, I am often hired to "pull a space together." I work with homeowners and businesses to choose color scemes that have harmonious appeal, while upholding their unique sense of style. Through the acquisition of lighting, fabric and furniture, a congruent and distinctive space is created. I work with a network of professionals, comprised of upholsterers, carpenters, seamstresses and various artisans in order to address every detail.

Space Organization

We often have difficulty seeing objectively when it comes to creating flow in the spaces where we live and work everyday. I help clients find the aesthetic that suits their lifestyle and taste, while revealing a room's optimal flow through furniture placement and eliminating items that block that natural flow. I also offer suggestions on lighting and color to alter the mood of a space.



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Artist + Muralist + Colorist